Visual Vision

First, let's make tangible the direction of your business.

Radical innovation starts with a clear vision.

As a corporate executive, your number 1 task is to constantly communicate your vision and your goals. This helps the team and organization stay on track. 

But what happens when you’re inconsistent and deliver a slightly different message one day? What happens when you’re just one of the dozens of executives in the company and it gets impossible to deliver a consistent message? 

Well, here's what happens. Teams work on projects that are not fully aligned with the ultimate company’s vision. Mediocre work happens, and your ambitions for something radically better go out of the window. People become frustrated because they’re not completely clear on which direction to follow. In fact, did you know that poor management performance is the number 1 reason for people to leave a company? 

But you’re just human, we know. We are, too. And if you’re the kind of human we like, you’re trying to do your best every day. You don’t want to work with frustrated people. And you want your company to be outstandingly amazing.

So here’s the thing: when you work with us, we will carefully listen to your vision and goals. We will shake it together with industry trends and behavioral patterns to take it a step further. We will deliver to you a tangible of your choice: a prototype, a comic story, or a mini-movie that you can share inside and outside the organization. This will allow your message to constantly and consistently excite everyone and inspiring them to deliver radical innovation.

Concept Development

Now that you have a powerful corporate vision, it's time to make tangible the innovative vision for your products and service.

We're not just business thinkers. We're doers. We have Design at our core. We leverage the power of Design Thinking in everything we do.

We understand the power of a solid vision to empower radical innovation. But we also believe that execution is everything. That's why we don't just create with you a solid Visual Vision for your company, we also create innovative concepts for any service or product (internal or external) that will build up towards that vision.

We're not talking about just another app, or a new feature that make a small incremental improvement on your business. No. This is not for the faint hearted. We're talking about something radically better than whatever is currently available. Something risky and new. Something as scary as exciting.

That's why it wouldn't make sense to deliver a fully fledge product for you. What we will do is a Proof of Concept, a Prototype, an MVP. A tangible and solid solution that has room to evolve and adapt to the challenges ahead. A concept visualization that will help you drive the direction of your products and services on a deeper level than the corporate vision. With this, you'll be able to align teams further to deliver the type of innovation you're hoping for.

Change Management

Last piece of the puzzle: let's walk the talk.

We understand how hard it is to get buy-in and make change. We have over a decade of experience helping businesses with their transformation challenges. 

You know how it goes: we get this great concept, we validate it and start presenting it. People start objecting against it because it doesn’t align with their agenda. Even when you get the buy-in and start working on it, sooner or later you'll face resistance. You have someone - or multiple people - clearly trying to sabotage your project. 

One thing you can do is to just push through with your authority. In the best case, it’ll work in the short term, but you’ll make people afraid to speak up. And that's a huge issue, because in every transformation you need input from all source you can get. There are a lot of potential risks that you need to be aware of.

On the other side of the spectrum, the other possible solution is to get everyone involved and make it a collaborative project. But there are so many people that have so many different opinions. Things just won’t move forward. Everything will become a constant dialogue: a lot of talking, very little doing. Soon people’s motivation will fade away. You started preparing to launch a space rocket, but you'll end up delivering a bicycle to your customers. Oops.

Then there’s this third option in-between: you invest in Change Management. You bring us onboard (as consultants or interims) and we partner with your executives to get things done. The balance of authority and collaboration is really tough from the inside, but the outside lense that we provide will make it much easier. Together, we'll establish clear roles, communication strategies, and a Change Management project plan. We'll de-escalate resistance, and ultimately, we'll get your space rocket done.


Do you design and develop full products like a typical agency?

No, we don't.

The further we get is when we create a prototype as a proof of concept to deliver on a vision. But we do not do full fledged deliveries.

This is a conscious decision. We believe there are numerous agencies out there that do a great job with this.

We purposefully chose to focus on our core strength: the overlap of Business and Design leveraged to deliver radical innovation.

In the Era of Agile, is a Vision necessary?


Agile helps you deliver software continuously. A Vision helps align all your teams in the same direction.

Let's use an analogy.

Imagine instead of building a company, you're driving a car. All pieces need to work together to be able to move. Agile would help you refine the parts of the car as you go, to be able to improve the performance, move faster and more efficiently.

But, where are you taking the car? Does it need to be ready for off-road driving? What types of weather do we need to account for?

That's what the Vision is for: to determine your end goal. To create a context to make any decision.

Without that, you'd be optimizing the parts for every single weather and driving type, which is going to be a huge waste of time and money. You'll get into endless arguments about which one to optimize for first, because it will be someone's opinion's agains the other's.

But if you state a vision that says "we're driving from New York to LA", then all decisions have a clear context and your entire company gets aligned into making that happen.

What types of companies do you work with?

Our services deliver the most value for these two types of organizations that we love working with: corporations, and high growth startups.

What we look for always, is a track record or strong desire for radical innovation.

We grew so much that we lost our purpose along the way. Can you help us with that?

If you're committed to radical innovation at your core, yes, we can.

We understand how things go: you have an amazing idea, you make it happen, the business stats growing super fast, and one day you realize all you're doing is being busy keeping the company afloat and putting down fires.

Not to worry. It happens more than you can imagine! Those are the growing pains.

We help you uncover your purpose and make it tangible. So that you can keep your business together, re-engage your team, and beat the competition.

Why you?

Because we're not the type of suited up consultants that'll come in and tell you what to do. You know who, those that offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

“Business as usual” will never bring you radical innovation - the type that makes you stand out to employees, customers, and investors.

To be honest with you, we're very careful selecting projects. So when we do choose to work with you, you can be sure that we’ll become your partner.

We'll do everything to understand YOU: your specific needs, goals, and your unique ecosystem. Because - at risk of sounding cheesy - what makes you “you” is what’s at the core of all the innovation you can deliver. And sometimes all you need is a partner like us to give you a boost that'll empower you to kick ass like never before.