It's year 1,819 - somewhere in Europe. You're wondering how is it that the sun comes up every morning. People around tell you "that's just how it's always been" but that doesn't satisfy you.

You've heard about a place called "library" and decide to give it a try. A few months pass until you're allowed in. You devour everything you can, but you still can’t find the answers you're seeking.

Will you embark on what could be a lifelong journey to find those answers? Do they even exist? Maybe you should just let it go and go back to your normal life.

We're in the Information Era now. A question like that can be answered in 0.74 seconds using Google. That’s an incredible power right at our fingertips.

Yet, are our day-to-day lives significantly different than 10 years ago?

We still spend hours in bureaucracy, commuting, and forced to work during non-productive hours. Something as crucial as getting a house is only getting harder. We’re more connected than ever, yet we feel lonely. And yes, we do have access to an incredible amount of information, but we can’t always tell what’s real and what’s not. We keep hearing “innovation” everywhere but it seems all they come up with is a new app for something we didn’t really need.

Enough is enough.

Let’s stop using this source of power just to check the weather, see what we’ll look like when we’re old, or what our 500+ “friends” are up to. Let's stop contributing our 9-5s to add more meaningless features to the world.

Let’s get a bit angry. Let’s dream a lot. Let’s start creating the good stuff.

Let’s provoke change.

The principles we live by.

Think BIG.

To achieve a radical change, we can’t think incrementally. We are not the kind of people that take baby steps. We’re the bold ones that go all in.

Do it for the greater good.

We choose the battles worth fighting: those that make our day to day better and help us advance as a species. The end doesn’t always justify the means, though. We put trust first at the very end, and all along the way.

Difficult doesn't scare us.

It drives us. If someone says it can’t be done, we’re there to find a way to do it. We’re comfortable in the unknown.

Safety second.

Experimentation first. We don’t mind taking risks. We know we don’t know it all, and so we need to experiment. We try different things, see how they perform, and then refine them.

Falling is allowed.

Failing is not. In fact, we don’t really believe in failure. Failure only happens when you stop trying. Mistakes are allowed. Falling is allowed. Failure is not.

Make it simple.

Da Vinci said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. And we live by it. We take complexity and make it simple. Simple to implement, to follow, and to use.

You've got 2 choices: ignore what sucks, or change it.

Founder & Futurist at Moonward

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